New Project: Tiny Undead Horde

Here's another project which was cut from the original plans for Creepy Cute Crochet-- the tiny undead horde!

Made entirely from felt, this is a project for those crafters that either
(a) like the undead critters, but don't really do the whole crochet thing.
or maybe
(b) have extremely limited space for undead storage

Click here to read more

or, if this is all entirely too tedious

Click here to get an undead horde ready-made



Any color will do. you need about 2 square inches of felt per undead minion. I suggest using felt with at least 20% wool content. The pure acrylic stuff tends to fall apart on me, especially when working on such a small scale


You want small, sharp-pointed scissors for this. Embroidery scissors might be a good bet here if you have some.

Needle and thread

Embroidery Floss

Black (DMC #310) and Red (DMC #321), two strands at a time.

(Optional) Storage Tin

I used the 2" diameter Wilton favor tins


Click here to download a PDF of the diagrams. The templates should print out to the correct size to use for cutting out the felt pieces.

Here's my lich king in progress.

...and now I stitch the two body layers of my lich king together. Note how I've tacked the crown under the top layer.

...after stitching around the edges, I go back with red floss to tack on the lich king's cape.'s the back view to see how the cape is attached

If you would like to make a container to store your tiny undead horde, I have a PDF sheet of labels available for you to print here

All done! Please use your tiny undead minions responsibly.