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Please note that I have no evil plans to sell these patterns after making use of people's feedback. These patterns might be updated in the future, but will remain free permanently.

Pattern: Cow Tipping!

It's Saturday night and you're bored. We've all been there: your friends have tried to float idea after idea, but nothing really seems to appeal. Then, in desperation, someone says, "let's go cow tipping!" and you have a brief chuckle.

...but really, who has cows near where you live anyway? ...and does that even work?, you're pretty sure that you read somewhere that cow tipping is a good way to injure yourself and the animal. Not cool.

Luckily, I've provided you with directions to make your own cow tipping toy. Convenient and cruelty-free!

Click here to go to the pattern

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #9: Yeti

Mysterious wanderer of frigid climes. Make up your very own bit of crocheted cryptozoology!

...and, of course, I also have a finished Yeti available here:
if crochet just isn't your thing.

Free Crochet Pattern: Baby Pufferfish

The fully-grown pufferfish from my original pattern are bored, so here's a set of baby pufferfish to keep them entertained!

crocheted baby pufferfish in pink

Click the photo above to read more.

Creepy Cute Cross Stitch: Part 2!

By popular demand, a little something more for those that don't crochet...

Creepy Cute Cross Stitch: The Monster Edition!
creepy cute crochet cross stitch

Of course, if you haven't seen the first set of Creepy Cute cross stitch motifs, they're still available here

...and, also of course, if you haven't yet checked out my book, Creepy Cute Crochet, I don't even know what to say. You must not like awesome things. :)

(Click the image above to read more)

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #8: Robot (Model 1)

Continuing on the topic of projects cut from the initial manuscript of Creepy Cute Crochet, I give you the Model 1 Robot:

crocheted robot

Originally, there were two different robot patterns in Creepy Cute, but, once it became apparent that this would be too much robot redundancy, they were forced to duke it out for the limited available space. This model lost out in that battle, but has come back stronger, fitter, and ready to rule us all.

Click the photo above to read more.

...or, click here if you haven't time, patience, or inclination to make this, and get one ready-made.

NeedleNoodles Expansion Pack #1: Narwhal

Why should the Creepy Cute patterns get all the love? Here's an expansion pack for my crocheted Manatee pattern.

EDIT: Note that this expansion pack also works with my crocheted Whale pattern

With just a few modifications, you can make your very own Narwhal-- the unicorn of the sea!

crocheted narwhal, photo of face

(Click the image above to read more)

...or, click here to get your Narwhal ready-made!

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #7: Druid

Ladies and gentlemen, a haiku:

Spring's new craft project:
the druid wields a clay staff
new expansion pack!

What does it all mean? It means get your crocheted druidic spiffyness on!

crocheted druid example photo

Click here to read more.

or, if you would like to skip the work and go straight to the druid ownership, click here

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