New things going on in 2010

Happy belated New Year!

Much has been brewing in NeedleNoodlesLand, even if one might not know this to look at my blog :)

First off, I have semi-recently been drawn in by the siren song that is handspinning. After a valiant effort to resist, I finally broke down and got a drop spindle at a local fiber festival and, let's face it: it has all been downhill from there. :) More to be posted about this later.

Second, I've submitted a few patterns for a new collaborative crochet book due out this summer called Yummy 'Gurumi. As the title suggests, the central theme will be crocheted food and it will be, with any luck, awesome.

Third, I've enrolled in the TKGA Master Knitter program. I'm working on level 1 right now and have amassed a really exciting collection of... knit squares. Will it be a worthwhile endeavor, or would I be better served by plunging into my next project and "learning by doing"? I have no idea just yet, but it's a good opportunity to get really obsessive about nitpicky details in my knitting.


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