Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #6: Viking

So, a few clever readers of Creepy Cute Crochet have noticed that, although Vikings are referenced on the back of the book, there is no Viking pattern included in the text.

There is, of course, good reason for this.  Let me tell you a little story:

Long, long ago, when Creepy Cute was still in the planning stages, the list of projects up for inclusion in the book was quite long.  Over time, characters were cut due to space limitations.  The brave crocheted Viking put up a good fight, and held on longer than most, but in the end he too was cut.

...but do not despair for the poor Viking!  For now he has new life as a free expansion pack pattern! Make your own, or, if you just don't have time for such nonsense, get the one shown here ready made,

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5 sc x 5 rows = 1" x 1"

Finished Measurements:

Completed Viking is about 3.75" tall.

Suggested Materials:

US Size E crochet hook, or size required to achieve gauge

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Almond

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Hazelnut

(or a worsted-weight yarn of your choice. Yardages required are very minimal. Much less than a skein per color.)

Needle and thread


Hot glue (optional)

Felt for axe

3/8" Buttons or Polymer Clay Eyes (See pgs 16-17 of Creepy Cute)



Make 1 using Hazelnut and Almond colored yarn

Use Cap pattern from the Cleric, pg 49 in Creepy Cute, leaving out the straight stitch on the front of the cap



Make 1 set using Almond colored yarn

Horn #1: ch 4, sl st 1, dec, fasten off

Horn #2: ch 3, sl st 1, inc, fasten off



Make 1 using Hazelnut and Almond colored Yarn

Use Shield pattern from the Trojan, pg 61 in Creepy Cute



Make 1 using Hazelnut colored yarn

Use Basic body from pg 94 in Creepy Cute



Make 1 using Almond colored yarn

Use Basic head on pg 95 in Creepy Cute



Cut axe out of felt.

(Template and directions for Axe are on pg 18 of Creepy Cute, under "Arms and Armaments" section)


All of the Viking pieces ready for assembly:



Using needle and thread, stitch head onto body.

Using needle and thread, tack helmet onto head, and shield onto body.

Tip: Put a very small amount of stuffing at the top of the helmet if it won't stick up to a bit of a point.

Glue or stitch axe onto body.

Stitch horns onto either side of the helmet.

Tip:  You should have yarn ends hanging off of the top and bottom of the lower edge of each horn.  Thread the upper yarn end through the helmet 4 rows up from the edge of the helmet.  Thread the lower yarn end through the helemt 3 rows up from the edge of the helmet.  Tack the helmet into place with needle and thread.

Using black six strand embroidery floss, stitch a straight line across head to make the mouth.  (Use all six strands.)

Glue or stitch eyes directly above mouth.

Your Viking is complete!  Go forth and wreck (very small) havoc!


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