The Maker Faire NC Durham-stavaganza: A Summary

Maker Faire! Maker Faire! Maker Faire!

Maker Faire?

Maker Faire!!

Yes, Whamodyne (a.k.a. Ray Alderman, a.k.a. woogie) and I are back home from our mini-vacation to Maker Faire NC, and Durham in general. I don't know about y'all, but I am super-psyched to go make stuff now. Check out this pile of random doodads found during our travels. I assure you, there *is* a cohesive theme here:

Durham Maker's Faire swag

(Click the photo above to read more)

From right to left, we've got: goat's milk soap and butter butter from the Durham Farmer's Market, made by Moon Dance Soaps

"Yelpstick" and my be-Sugru'ed pen from Maker Faire. (Yay, I got my hands on some Sugru! Seriously, I've been waiting to try this stuff out since the first batch sold out back in December.)

Fabric swatches from Spoonflower, again from Maker Faire. (Why have I not ordered from Spoonflower yet? I clearly need to.)

Recycled paper notebook from Barefoot Press, from the Durham Earth Day Festival.

...and, lastly, what do I plan to do with a bowl of glow-in-the-dark crayons, scented colored pencils, and a 5 1/2" floppy? I can't give away all of my secrets, but I *will* say that I got all of this from the Scrap Exchange, which may well have the oddest and spiffiest collection of thingamajigs on the East Coast.


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