A Couple of Questions

firefly5003   |   Fri, 2008-07-25 18:22

Hi, I am completely new at this, and I think I figured most of it out, but I am just a little confused about a couple of thing.

I did the Magic Ring, and I am still not sure exactly where the next stitch goes for the spiral (body) or the slip stitch does for the rounds (head).

It also looks like I have one more stitch that is pictured here (I have a little loop at the end (from the first chain stitch I think), then 6 stitches, with the loop with my hook in it through the last stitch). Is that right, or does that first little loop at the beginning count as a stitch?

Then, does the next stitch go through that little loop or the actual stitch? I am also a little confused exactly where the slip stitch goes at the end of each row for the rounds too.

I hope that made sense, I really want to finish one of these guys. I am doing a report on The Call of Cthulhu and I would love to hand him in with it. Thanks!


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