Creepy Cute Coiffure: Making and attaching hair

Are your crocheted creations having a bad hair day? Maybe looking a bit mangy? Well, read on for crafty hairstyling tips.

Making fringe

Most of my dolls have hair made of a yarn fringe, which I find to be faster and a little bit easier than attaching yarn hair one strand at a time. In these examples, I use a hairpin lace loom, which is easy enough to find in most craft stores, (something like this:
Susan Bates Adjustable Aluminum Hairpin Lace Loom

should work)

However, if you can't find one or don't feel the need, a longish piece of cardboard or wood about 2 1/4 inches wide will work too.

(Note: for this example, I'm using a contrasting piece of yarn in place of string to hold the edge of the fringe together, in order to make the steps more visible. Normally, I would use a piece of matching sewing thread, which is easier to hide when attaching the hair to the doll's head.)

Step 1: Start by making a ch 1 with the thread (or, the contrasting yarn in this example)

Step 2: Take the yarn and wrap it around the back and back around to the front

Step 3: Hold the loop on the hook to the front, and pull the thread to the back. Make a ch 1 with the thread (or, the contrasting yarn in this example). This should result in a ch 1 that is formed *around* the yarn.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have enough fringe to cover the doll's head.

The fringe should look like this after a few repetitions

This is a view of the same piece of fringe from the back

The fringe looks like this once removed from the hairpin loom

Notice that each chain stitch grabs one loops of yarn. Also notice that, if you pull on an individual piece of the fringe yarn at this point, it can slide under the chain stitch holding it and make the size of your loops unequal. If you've worked a relatively tight chain stitch to hold it together, the fringe should hold together reasonably well-- at least, long enough for you to better tack it into place on your doll.

Note: Normally, I would use thread to hold the fringe together-- the fringe would look more like this:

Attaching Hair: Corporate Zombie

To make to the hair, you'll basically be filling in the part of the head to be covered in a zig-zag pattern.

Since the corporate zombie's hair is going to have a part down one side, I find that it's best to attach the hair on one side all going one way, and the hair on the other side going the other.

...but, enough talk: Let's get some pictures of this!

You'll be filling in this part of the head first

Filling in with fringe in a zig-zag:

Now fill in the other half of the head with a zig-zag:

Now it's time for a haircut!

Trim the first side...

...and trim the other


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