Cool hair but still confused!

Anonymous   |   Wed, 2010-07-07 13:53


I love this way of doing the hair. Finally got the knack for making the fringe down last night. I was wondering about a few things though (even after looking at the above pictures - must be having a stupid day!) and I wondered if you could help:

1. How long a piece of fringe does it take to make the hair for one head (roughly)? I know it depends on the number of zig zags and the size of the head but it would be really helpful if you could give me a ballpark figure, both to give me a target for my fringe-making but also to help determine how many zig-zags are necessary to get suitably lush-looking hair. ;)

2. Are the two sides of hair on the zombie head done with one long length of fringe? If yes, then where do the two sides join up? Both sides seem to start from the bottom and go up based on the arrows in the pictures which implies two bits of fringe but the photos seem to show one long piece of fringe.

3. If you're doing the hair in two sections to get a parting at the top of the head, how do you make sure that the parting doesn't continue down the back of the head too?

4. If the doll doesn't have a parting (thinking the Vampire Queen or Amazon here), do you do the hair any differently?

Sorry for all the questions ! :)



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