Simply airing out a ....

Anonymous   |   Thu, 2011-06-09 09:18

Another tip that has worked for me is to place the item in a plastic bag with one of those scented wall plug in refills and leaving it there for a few days. Try something soft toned, such as vanilla, or powder scent, or any scent that you like that you think will go with your project. For instance, I like apples so my kitchen is decorated in an apple motif. I made some small crocheted apples to put into a small bag I made from plastic canvas, and I placed the whole works into a large plastic zipper bag, (2 gal size) with three of those refills in apple cinnamon scent. I also placed one in the bottom of the bag that I made and left it there before stacking the crocheted "apples" in it. My kitchen smells great, I can refresh it any time by doing the same thing over again, and no air freshener is lurking around for anyone to see! I hope this helps, and I did not mean to write so much. Good luck!


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