Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #7: Druid

Ladies and gentlemen, a haiku:

Spring's new craft project:
the druid wields a clay staff
new expansion pack!

What does it all mean? It means get your crocheted druidic spiffyness on!

crocheted druid example photo

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Basic Info


5 sc x 5 rows = 1" x 1"

Finished Measurements:

Completed Druid is about 4" tall.

Suggested Materials:

US Size E crochet hook, or size required to achieve gauge

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Almond

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Taupe

(or a worsted-weight yarn of your choice. Yardages required are very minimal. Much less than a skein per color.)

Needle and thread


Twig or Polymer Clay for Staff (more on this below)

3/8" Buttons or Polymer Clay Eyes (See pgs 16-17 of Creepy Cute)

Making the Pieces


Make 1 using Taupe colored yarn

Use Hood from pg 58 in Creepy Cute



Make 1 using Taupe colored yarn

Use Basic body from pg 94 in Creepy Cute



Make 1 using Almond colored yarn

Use Basic head on pg 95 in Creepy Cute


All of the Druid pieces ready for assembly:


Have you noticed yet that this is basically just the Grim Reaper from Creepy Cute, but in taupe instead black? Yep. I admit it. This expansion pack is a total cop out, but it just goes to show you that you can modify these patterns into different characters with extremely minimal work! Now, back to the assembly directions...
Using needle and thread, stitch head onto body.

Using needle and thread, tack hood onto head.

Using black six strand embroidery floss, stitch a straight line across head to make the mouth.  (Use all six strands.)

Glue or stitch eyes directly above mouth.

I decided that my druid was looking rather plain, so I stitched a border onto the hood using brown and taupe cotton yarn (the embroidery stitch that I used is called a threaded backstitch). You can use yarn, narrow ribbon, ric rac, or whatever appeals to you.

Glue or stitch staff onto body. I made my staff by twisting Burnt Umber and Ecru Sculpey Premo! together into a cylinder, then making two holes in the staff with a tapestry needle so the staff could be stitched on later. Staff is about 2.75" tall and 1/4" wide.

Your Druid is complete! I wonder if it's a problem that I didn't use entirely natural materials to make mine...

Love it!

Anonymous   |   Mon, 2014-01-27 16:19

It's creepy and adorable all at the same time. I think these guys could take off big time. He reminds me of the characters in the Nightmare Before Christmas.


Great minds think alike

craftgirl78   |   Sat, 2011-06-11 15:15
craftgirl78's picture

Hi there before I discovered your website and the Creepy Cute Expansion kits, I designed and made my own Druid. Photos are on my blog (below) and also on Picasa (craftgirl78) and Flickr (craftgirl78-knitting).

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