Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #8: Robot (Model 1)

Continuing on the topic of projects cut from the initial manuscript of Creepy Cute Crochet, I give you the Model 1 Robot:

crocheted robot

Originally, there were two different robot patterns in Creepy Cute, but, once it became apparent that this would be too much robot redundancy, they were forced to duke it out for the limited available space. This model lost out in that battle, but has come back stronger, fitter, and ready to rule us all.

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Basic Info:


5 sc x 5 rows = 1" x 1"

Finished Measurements:

Completed robot is about 3" tall.

Suggested Materials:

US Size E crochet hook, or size required to achieve gauge

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Lake

Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Charcoal

(or a worsted-weight yarn of your choice. Yardages required are very minimal. Much less than a skein per color.)

Needle and thread

1/2" Buttons or Polymer Clay Eyes (More details on this below)

Making the Pieces:

Robot Body:

Make 1 using Lake (primary color) and Charcoal (secondary color) yarn

Make 1 Body and Body Base using the pattern from the Nosferatu on pgs 28 and 29 of Creepy Cute Crochet, but make the following modifications:

Work Row 11 of the Body in "pattern stitch", using Lake and Charcoal yarn. The Pattern stitch is described on pg 13 of Creepy Cute Crochet, and is shown in greater detail in a tutorial here:

Connect the Body Base to The Body as written in the Nosferatu pattern. I suggest weighting the body with polypellets or another somewhat heavy filling material, so the finished robot isn't too front-heavy when you attach the head.


Robot Head

Make 1 using Lake (primary color) and Charcoal (secondary color) yarn

Make 1 Basic Head using the pattern from Creepy Cute Crochet on pg 95, but make the following modifications:

Clean color change* to charcoal yarn at the end of Row 7

Work Row 8 in charcoal and clean color change* back to Lake at the end of the row.

Continue the rest of the Basic Head as written.

*For more on the clean color change (aka jogless stripe) method, see Method #2 here:


Robot Arm:

Make 2 using Lake colored yarn.

Make 2 Arms using the Cyber Zombie pattern from Creepy Cute Crochet on pg 71 and 72.


With Lake colored yarn, stitch mouth.

Using needle and thread, stitch the Robot Head onto the upper front of the Robot Body.

Front view:
crocheted robot

Side View:
crocheted robot

Using needle and thread, stitch the Robot Arms onto either side of the Robot Body.

Front view:
crocheted robot

Side view:
crocheted robot

Attach eyes.

crocheted robot

All done!

Making the Eyes:

Using white polymer clay, make a ball about 3/8" across

crocheted robot

Use a pen, pencil or anything else with a relatively smooth rounded end about 1/4" across and press an indentation into the middle of the clay ball. Eye should be about 1/2" across.

crocheted robot

Using a tapestry needle, poke two holes into the indentation just made.

crocheted robot

Bake the clay eyes as directed on the package. Stitch on eyes using black thread.


htodd   |   Sat, 2010-05-08 22:12

Wow, he's super cute!! I love all your patterns.