The Summoning

Some eldritch horror is summoned from the abyss.... crochet! :)

Click to check out the instructions on how to make your own (and of course, if the spirit moves you, vote for this entry in the Build With Yarn contest. :) )


Anonymous   |   Wed, 2012-05-02 13:15

love this project!!

I love your work!

Anonymous   |   Fri, 2012-01-06 21:08

Your book is solely responsible for my interest in crochet & amigurumi, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm delighted to have stumbled across this website (albeit it accidentally on Pinterest).

I'll be back to buy something, keep up the good work!

Karen Drake

The Summoning

Anonymous   |   Sat, 2011-07-16 17:08

Love it!

Oh so glad to see a new post!

Anonymous   |   Tue, 2011-03-08 18:50

Welcome back

My Book!

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