Pattern: Cow Tipping!

It's Saturday night and you're bored. We've all been there: your friends have tried to float idea after idea, but nothing really seems to appeal. Then, in desperation, someone says, "let's go cow tipping!" and you have a brief chuckle.

...but really, who has cows near where you live anyway? ...and does that even work?, you're pretty sure that you read somewhere that cow tipping is a good way to injure yourself and the animal. Not cool.

Luckily, I've provided you with directions to make your own cow tipping toy. Convenient and cruelty-free!

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Anonymous   |   Thu, 2012-04-05 18:05

We live on a farm. We just got two dairy cows, and we're currently a little obsessed. This is adorable!!! :D

Love it

Anonymous   |   Mon, 2012-01-30 18:20

I love this little cow and plan to try it out. At the moment I am working on some of your Creepy Cuties. I had recently found the book while browsing at a book store and love the patterms inside. I wanted something with a little more difficulty then just blankets. This book is perfect for that. Thanks!


Noisemaker Can ("Moo can")

Anonymous   |   Fri, 2012-01-27 16:55

were did you find a Noisemaker Can?
I didn't even know they existed until now :)
I saw that they sell some on amazon, but I didn't know if it was the right size
How big is the Noisemaker Can you used?

I loved the pattern and thought the cow was super cute

I'm a huge fan, and love your books


NeedleNoodles   |   Fri, 2012-01-27 21:01

As for finding "moo cans" in stores, this particular one I found at the dollar store. I've also seen them at some of the smaller, independently owned toy shops in my area (look for places that have kid's instruments and noisemakers that *aren't* mostly electronic :) )

Hi, and thanks!

NeedleNoodles   |   Fri, 2012-01-27 20:58

The can that I used was about 2.25" across and 2.5" tall. I've seen some that are slightly narrower and taller, but, if you're in that ballpark, the can should fit in the cow's body.