Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #1: The Swamp Witch

Behold the Swamp Witch!

A mash-up of the Nosferatu and Grim Reaper patterns from Creepy Cute Crochet, the Swamp Witch can easily be made in a single sitting. Read on for directions on how to make your very own!

(Yes, you'll probably need a copy of Creepy Cute to finish this project, and yes, I know that they're currently out of stock over at and a good many places besides. Don't fret-- I still have a few over at my etsy shop! :) )

You will need three colors of worsted-weight yarn, one for the head and arms, one for the hood and robe, and one for edging. I used recycled yarn from frogged down thrift store sweaters in the example here-- a fisherman's wool for the head and arms and a silk/wool blend for the clothes.

The Pieces

1 basic head (See page 95 of Creepy Cute)

2 arms (Use arms pattern from Cyber Zombie, see page 71)

1 hood (Use hood pattern from Grim Reaper, see page 59)
with the small variation of chain stitching in your secondary color around the edge of the hood.

1 body (Use body and base patterns from Cyber Zombie, see page 70-71)
but, use the following variation:

work Row 9 of body as follows:
sc around in back loops only

Finish the body as usual, then join again in the same color yarn in the front loops left between Rows 8 and 9. Work as follows:
Row 1: ch 1, sc 29, continue around in a spiral {29 sts}
Row 2: sc 12, hdc 2, [dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 in same space as prev. dc, skip one stitch] 7 times, hdc 2 {30 sts}
Row 3: sc 10, hdc 2, dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 in same space as prev. dc, dc 1, [dc 1 in ch 2 space, ch 2, dc 1 in same ch 2 space as prev. dc, dc 1] 7 times, dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 in same space as prev. dc, hdc 1 {39 sts}
Row 4: hdc 1, sc 7, hdc 2, dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 in same space as prev. dc, dc 1, [dc 1 in ch 2 gap, ch 2, dc 1 in same ch 2 gap as prev. dc, dc 1] 9 times, dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 in same space as prev. dc {42 sts}
Row 5: hdc 2, sl st 2, clean fasten off {2 sts}

Chain stitch in secondary color around edge of Row 5.


Stitch the head to the front of the body

Stitch the hood over the head, leaving the corners free

Stitch arms onto body

Attach eyes (I used 5/16" wide polymer clay eyes here)

...and you're done!

Swamp Witch is a Adorable

Anonymous   |   Sat, 2012-01-07 06:32

She is so cute. Love Her :)


Anonymous   |   Thu, 2010-12-02 18:45

I feel so dumb, but I'm having trouble with the variation on the body posted in this guide. On row two, I do not finish with 30 stitches. I don't see how I would if I'm putting two double crochets and two chains into every other stitch for that part? I wind up with way more than 30. What am I doing wrong :(


NeedleNoodles   |   Wed, 2012-01-25 21:21

Not sure if this is the issue of not, but, are you including the ch sts in your stitch count? ...because I'm leaving those out of the stitch count (only sc, hdc, dc, and tr and getting counted)

Love the swamp witch. And

Lenice   |   Sun, 2008-12-07 07:43

Love the swamp witch. And it's great that there are "Expansion Packs". Btw, ever thought of doing an alien like this guy here; Old Fashioned Alien .
I think that would fit in great with your other adorable creepies.


Anonymous   |   Sun, 2011-07-17 17:06

AWWW! An Alien would be sooo cute! But you could probably use the Medusa pattern and just change it a little like only using green yarn. I think that that would look alien-like.