Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #9: Yeti

Mysterious wanderer of frigid climes. Make up your very own bit of crocheted cryptozoology!

...and, of course, I also have a finished Yeti available here:
if crochet just isn't your thing.

Chocolate Bacon Chess Pie

No, it's not crocheted, and it's not knit... but it IS awesome.

Check out the recipe + directions here:

The Summoning

Some eldritch horror is summoned from the abyss.... crochet! :)

Click to check out the instructions on how to make your own (and of course, if the spirit moves you, vote for this entry in the Build With Yarn contest. :) )

Bits and Bobs

Here's a rundown of what's been going on in NeedleNoodlesLand:

I've made fifty mini Jayne hat keychains for the Southeastern Browncoats to sell at Dragon*Con this year. Hand knit, 100% wool, with just a bit of Tunisian crochet to make things interesting.

Handknit Jayne Hat Keychains

Yeah, okay, technically, there are only maybe 30 mini Jayne hats shown in the photo above. Y'know, sometimes you just don't feel the need to search for a perfectly sized bowl for 50 keychains.

Also, I mentioned my trip to Maker Faire Detroit, but did I mention that I managed to get an Editor's Choice ribbon?

Maker Faire Detroit Editor's Choice Ribbon

Bonus points to anyone who can find me a list of the other Editor's Choice winners @ Maker Faire Detroit. There were some really great makers there, and I would be curious to see what other fine folks are on the list

And, in closing, have I mentioned that I have a new book out? :)

Not only is Yummi 'Gurumi
out and available on bookstore shelves now, I happen to have a few signed copies of my own available here. Get 'em while they still have that new book smell!

Yummi 'Gurumi

Maker Faire Detroit

I'm back from Maker Faire Detroit, and I have pictures! Check it out:

Thanks to Maker Faire Detroit, Handmade Detroit, and all of the awesome people involved for letting me participate in what was really a fantastic event., to restock all of my merch for Crafty Bastards in October... :)

Creepy Cute Video: Cthulhu Wings

As a follow-up to my earlier video on how to make the Cthulhu head and tentacles from Creepy Cute Crochet, here I demonstrate how I make and attach the Cthulhu wings.

Part 1:

Part 2:

For reference, the diagram on how to make the "sl st in front two loops of prev. tr" is available here:

Creepy Cute Video: Cthulhu Tentacles

Some of the most frequently asked questions that I get revolve around the Cthulhu head from Creepy Cute Crochet, so, I've put together a quick video to show how I make one.

Check it out and get your amigurumi Cthulhu on!

Also, for a more detailed illustation of where to place each of the stitches for the tentacle, I have PDF tutorial available for download

Free Crochet Pattern: Baby Pufferfish

The fully-grown pufferfish from my original pattern are bored, so here's a set of baby pufferfish to keep them entertained!

crocheted baby pufferfish in pink

Click the photo above to read more.

My Book!

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