Business Card = Free Toy!

Today I made business cards in preparation for the upcoming Spring Bada-Bing in Richmond, VA. Check it out!

These cards serve a dual purpose. Sure, they have my name and website on them, but they also can be cut out to form a wicked-cool undead army.

Also, for those keeping track, I've added two new characters since last craft fair season: Calavera and Onryo:

Click the thumbnail image below to download a high resolution sheet of cards, and cut out your own undead horde!

New Crochet Pattern: Pufferfish

I've listed a new crochet pattern today, but don't worry-- this fishie isn't poisonous!


This is a crochet pattern suitable for intermediate crocheters, and involves the following techniques:

* Working in rounds
* The following crochet stitches: ch, sc, hdc, dc, dc clusters, sl st
* Magic ring (instructions for this are included with the pattern, also known as adjustable ring)
* Two pattern stitches, "Nub Stitch" and "Loop Stitch" are introduced in this pattern. Directions are included in the pattern, or, if you would like to try them out before buying, a tutorial for these stitches is available for free here:


Available now via Etsy:

...or via Ravelry:

Loop and Nub Stitch Tutorial

When making amigurumi, it's very easy to grow weary of making all-one-color-all-sc-all-the-time pieces.  In writing my crocheted pufferfish pattern, I used a pair of pattern stitches which I think could be used to help bust out of the monocromatic blues.  Give them a try and see what you think!

Click here to read more

EDIT: I also have a video showing how I make the loop stitch. You can watch it here:

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #6: Viking

So, a few clever readers of Creepy Cute Crochet have noticed that, although Vikings are referenced on the back of the book, there is no Viking pattern included in the text.

There is, of course, good reason for this.  Let me tell you a little story:

Long, long ago, when Creepy Cute was still in the planning stages, the list of projects up for inclusion in the book was quite long.  Over time, characters were cut due to space limitations.  The brave crocheted Viking put up a good fight, and held on longer than most, but in the end he too was cut.

...but do not despair for the poor Viking!  For now he has new life as a free expansion pack pattern! Make your own, or, if you just don't have time for such nonsense, get the one shown here ready made,

Click here to read more.

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #5: Pyramid Head

Continuing in the Silent Hill vein, everyone's favorite big baddie: Pyramid Head

... crochet.

Click here to read more.

New things going on in 2010

Happy belated New Year!

Much has been brewing in NeedleNoodlesLand, even if one might not know this to look at my blog :)

First off, I have semi-recently been drawn in by the siren song that is handspinning. After a valiant effort to resist, I finally broke down and got a drop spindle at a local fiber festival and, let's face it: it has all been downhill from there. :) More to be posted about this later.

Second, I've submitted a few patterns for a new collaborative crochet book due out this summer called Yummy 'Gurumi. As the title suggests, the central theme will be crocheted food and it will be, with any luck, awesome.

Third, I've enrolled in the TKGA Master Knitter program. I'm working on level 1 right now and have amassed a really exciting collection of... knit squares. Will it be a worthwhile endeavor, or would I be better served by plunging into my next project and "learning by doing"? I have no idea just yet, but it's a good opportunity to get really obsessive about nitpicky details in my knitting.

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #4: Robbie the Rabbit

As you may or may not know, I am mega-huge dork for the Silent Hill games. So, in honor of my gaming addiction, I've made a set of directions for making your own Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3.

Click here to read more.

Note: This design contains simulated gore. If you are bothered by that sort of thing, then you might not enjoy today's post. Please enjoy this video of a cute kitten instead.

New Knitting Pattern: Knit Manatee

What is it about sea creatures that makes them so *awesome*?

I'm not quite sure, but I've done my best to capture it in my new knit manatee pattern:

Squish-able and suitable for intermediate knitters, this manatee measures about 5 inches long and 5.25 inches from flipper to flipper, and takes about 40 yards of worsted weight yarn.

Snag your own copy here or over at my Etsy shop.

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