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New Project: Tiny Undead Horde

Here's another project which was cut from the original plans for Creepy Cute Crochet-- the tiny undead horde!

Made entirely from felt, this is a project for those crafters that either
(a) like the undead critters, but don't really do the whole crochet thing.
or maybe
(b) have extremely limited space for undead storage

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or, if this is all entirely too tedious

Click here to get an undead horde ready-made

Loop and Nub Stitch Tutorial

When making amigurumi, it's very easy to grow weary of making all-one-color-all-sc-all-the-time pieces.  In writing my crocheted pufferfish pattern, I used a pair of pattern stitches which I think could be used to help bust out of the monocromatic blues.  Give them a try and see what you think!

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EDIT: I also have a video showing how I make the loop stitch. You can watch it here:

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #6: Viking

So, a few clever readers of Creepy Cute Crochet have noticed that, although Vikings are referenced on the back of the book, there is no Viking pattern included in the text.

There is, of course, good reason for this.  Let me tell you a little story:

Long, long ago, when Creepy Cute was still in the planning stages, the list of projects up for inclusion in the book was quite long.  Over time, characters were cut due to space limitations.  The brave crocheted Viking put up a good fight, and held on longer than most, but in the end he too was cut.

...but do not despair for the poor Viking!  For now he has new life as a free expansion pack pattern! Make your own, or, if you just don't have time for such nonsense, get the one shown here ready made,

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Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #5: Pyramid Head

Continuing in the Silent Hill vein, everyone's favorite big baddie: Pyramid Head

... crochet.

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Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #4: Robbie the Rabbit

As you may or may not know, I am mega-huge dork for the Silent Hill games. So, in honor of my gaming addiction, I've made a set of directions for making your own Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3.

Click here to read more.

Note: This design contains simulated gore. If you are bothered by that sort of thing, then you might not enjoy today's post. Please enjoy this video of a cute kitten instead.

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #3: The Pirate Captain

Yarr matey! Sail the high seas with your very own crocheted pirate.

Modified from pattern pieces in Creepy Cute Crochet, this pattern is made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.

Click here to

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #2: The Valkyrie

Chooser of the slain, this crocheted valkyrie carries your failed projects off to Valhalla.

Modified from pattern pieces in Creepy Cute Crochet, this pattern is made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease: Almond, Hazelnut, Maize, and Charcoal.

(Click here to read more...)

Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #1: The Swamp Witch

Behold the Swamp Witch!

A mash-up of the Nosferatu and Grim Reaper patterns from Creepy Cute Crochet, the Swamp Witch can easily be made in a single sitting. Read on for directions on how to make your very own!

(Yes, you'll probably need a copy of Creepy Cute to finish this project, and yes, I know that they're currently out of stock over at and a good many places besides. Don't fret-- I still have a few over at my etsy shop! :) )

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