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Updated Crocheted Sprite Doll Pattern

(Click the image to the left to download the pattern)

This is an updated version of the original Sprite Dolls pattern, cleaned up and (hopefully) made a little bit more complete and easy to understand. I've also included directions and pictures for a fourth style of sprite doll.


Note: If you have a slower internet connection, or an older computer or printer, you might prefer the lower-resolution version of this file. (same pattern, just a smaller file size)

Knit Crown Pattern

Express your authority ...with knitting!

Below is a pattern for two variations of a knit crown, which can be easily modified to fit a variety of head sizes.

Click here to read the rest of the pattern.

Creepy Cute... Cross Stitch?

A little something for those that don't crochet...
(Click "Read More" below this entry to see the larger chart images)

Little Ladybug Pattern

(Click image to download pattern)

Make a legion of little ladybugs!

This pattern is being released under the same license as the sprite pattern. Have fun!

Difficulty Level: Easier than average

Amigurumi Sprite Dolls Pattern

(Click the image to download)
So, here's the deal: this pattern is bit unpolished in my opinion, but I'm making it available for free. Super-free, in fact. Free as in you are free to share it, free to use it, free to make items from it (and sell them, if you so desire :) ), free to make your own spin-off patterns... etc. The only conditions are:

You have to give credit

You have to make your work available under the same terms.

In closing, I would very much like to see comments here. Suggestions, action shots of finished projects, etc are all welcome.

Difficulty level: Above average. Possibly contains some typos!

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